Hey Eric, here are some pictures of our great pup, Hank.

Thanks for everything

 Thanks to Eric for a well tempered dog, very important with young children. Rico is a quick learner and a quality bred dog!!!! We recommend Eric's frenchies to everyone!! The Marquez Family

 This is our second dog from Eric at top notch bulldog and we couldn't be happier! As always Eric is a pleasure to deal with. It's nice to have a breeder that truly cares about his pups. Both of our dogs are healthy and absolutely gorgeous! People always stop us and ask where we got them and I always recommend top notch! They produce quality french bulldogs and I wouldn't go anywhere else. Thanks again Eric! I already want a third! Lol

-Jana and Paul 

 My experience with top notch bulldogs has been superb.  I was looking for a french bulldog for months and all I got was poor quality french bulldogs to look at. I finally found someone who knew what he was doing. Eric from top notch bulldogs has in my opinion the best french bulldogs . This pup is healthy plump and very well taken care of. I recently bought a pup from him and we are very pleased with him. His name is tank. And the name fits him will because he's built like a tank. If you want a quality french bulldog then go to top notch bulldogs. I will be purchasing another pup soon.

We just wanted to say how happy we have been in working with Eric to get our Frenchie "Isabella" bred.  Eric has been patient and kind as well as accommodating. 
After having a litter of seven, we called Eric for some assistance on caring for the littlest guy in the litter.  He went out of his way to try to help us and we very much appreciated it.
All in all, we couldn't be happier with our babies!  Nico is a great sire and hopefully, we will use him again in the future.
Anyone looking for a Frenchie or information on them should not hesitate to contact Eric.  He is a great guy!
Thank you, Eric!
Debbie Hodgson and Lew Lewis

 Dear Eric

We can’t begin to thank you for our boy, Bacon.  He is – forgive the pun – delicious!  The entire experience of working with the two of you, from start to finish, was great.  Sadly, there are a lot of scams out there and it was such a relief to talk to real people who were honest with us, reasonable and so accessible.  I had actually called Dr. Novik and he sang your praises.  You knew it was important to me to meet our future pups’ dam and I was so happy to meet her (we loved her and that helped in making the decision) and a sibling.  I was able to talk to you about concerns I had and you were honest with me.  I felt like we were able to make a decision with all of the information and I’m so glad we did!  We took Bacon to the vet and she was SO HAPPY with him.  She couldn’t stop saying what a “…great pick…” he was.  The problem areas that can be typical for French Bulldogs were not present.  He is happy, healthy and incredibly sweet.  He is crate training like a champ and my children adore him.  He is already attached to us and is happiest playing with his toys around our feet.  My Lab is even amused by him – although, he seems to have a twelve week old puppy permanently attached to his tail…

 Thank you!

 Audra, Max, Ella, Lu-Lu, Varick and Bacon!

 Dear Eric, 

I want to extend a huge thank you for the newest member of our family, Hercules. He is absolutely wonderful. Hercules is such a happy and healthy little boy and growing fast. Everyone who meets him thinks he is so good looking and has such a wonderful personality. He is great with kids and just so loving and affectionate. He is truly an amazing dog and great addition to our family. 

I would like to say thank you for all of your help along the way. From training tips to just checking up to see how he is doing. I could not ask for more of a breeder. You truly care about your dogs and follow through with what you say you will do. I would recommend you to anyone looking for a Frenchie and already have. Thank you again for everything.

Danny and Lisa


You were right about people stopping us on the street. Every time we walk Nico strangers beg to take photos of him. He is doing the infamous head tilt to every sound and is learning commands very quickly. Nico is exactly what we dreamed of and is actually allowing us to sleep through the night! The construction noise outside doesn't seem to bother him at all and he is very chill around all types of people during walks. Thank you so much for everything! You did an amazing job socializing him around other dogs and children. 

-Elena and Kalpesh

Eric is a great person and truly cares about the quality of his dogs and pups. He was very kind and worked with us closely when we decided to get Kima. He sent us updates via email with pictures and let us come see her as soon as she was ready to be around other people. He also got us on the right track with food, a crate, feeding bowls and some toys she liked. She is a great dog and extremely smart. As of 13 weeks, she knows "sit", "kennel", "paw" and "other paw" all without the use of treats. We loved Nico and Chances looks and Kima is already showing how great she will look as she gets older. Eric also keeps in touch and cares how she is doing and checks in to see if everything is going well which is great. Thank you for everything!

here's some more pics of kima…


Me and Javier can't thank you enough for our new addition to our family. JoJo has made our home feel complete. Not only is his sister Bella happy she has someone to play with but I am extremely fortunate to have him. He is so special to us and if you ever want to see how he's doing, you are more than welcome to be a part of seeing him grow. Your dogs are phenomenal and I wouldn't go anywhere else. You take care of them and you are 110% with your word. Once again thank you so much :)
Much love and respect, Lisy

 Hey Eric,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything. We renamed this little cutie Piglet, but we call her Piggy. Piggy came into our lives so unexpectedly. As we were completely heartbroken with the loss of Chalupa, and turned to you, you told us about Piggy and how you took her in after seeing that she wasn't cared for the way she deserved. We admire you so greatly for caring about the dogs so much. Giving us Piggy is helping to make our devastated hearts whole again. I feel that you, and God, gave Piggy a second chance, and us too. She is really happy to be with us, with lots of love and lots of the extra care that she needs, she has a big rotty sister too and they're getting along just great! So much spunkiness in one house! Thank you so much again
Rachael & John

 Hey Eric,

Just wanted to take a moment to Thank you for breeding Skyy to BoBo. I have no doubt that he was the perfect choice. He's the definition of and English Bulldog energetic, no health issues, well mannered, and a Great producing stud. You guys are the REAL DEAL and produce AWESOME dogs. Since our 1st conversation you were very professional, thorough and knowledgeable, gave great advice and not to forget you and your family are hilarious and entertaining. Can't wait to see these awesome pups I know there going to be OUTSTANDING!!!! Thanks again I greatly appreciate everything.

Gerold, Innocent Bullies

 Hi Eric,

I was a fan of your stud Nico the moment I saw him and knew I needed a pup from him! I tried to be patient and wait to have him as stud on my female but I just couldn't wait! You have such a nice breeding program and so I jumped when I saw Chances and Nico breeding thinking I could not go wrong with a pup from this breeding.

I got 1st pick while although small, she looks just like Nico and I really wanted a little Nico. She is spunky but so sweet and she is really picking up on housebreaking on a pro! WOW! She is about to be a stunner! Just one of a kind looking puppy!

Thank you so much for working with me and being SO patient you are definitely the best and nicest breeder I ever worked with. You didn't press me to pay or make commitments and even suggested some shippers for me since I live all the way in Kentucky!

I just love this little girl she is my favorite dog to look at! Will still keep in touch with what you are doing with your kennel. Maybe I will have another Nico pup! I love your choice in dogs!

Thank You!,

Carena from Kentucky


We cannot thank you enough for all that you have done to help our little Luna (the lunatic) :-). You are a man of integrity who stands behind your dogs.  After a rocky start, Luna is doing great!  She is so smart, and friendly, and a bundle of fun.  She has brought so much joy to our household and is our 5 year old son's best friend.  Everywhere we go people comment on how beautiful she is and what a great dog she is.  Thank you again for helping our family be able to keep its youngest member.  We recommend you to anyone who's looking for a bully.  You are  top notch, and so are the dogs that you breed!

The Soto family