I can't express how great this breeder has been for us, considering it was right in our backyard in NYC, We were researching for probably 5 months and visiting breeders in the surrounding new jersey and long island area, but somehow we never felt comfortable buying from any of them. We then found TOP NOTCH BULLDOG, Eric (the breeder) was awesome throughout the process, he was so patient and answered any questions we had.We went and visited him in his home where he breeds the dogs, no puppy mill bull crap here... awesome place with backyard and proper kennels, We've had Rosie our female french bulldog for about 2 1/2 months now and  everything has been great we took her to vet for a wellness check up the following day after we picked her up and vet said she was healthy, she has been healthy ever since, her temperament is awesome, and so is her health! What made us decide to purchase our pup from top notch was the fact that he had his dogs on site in his home, other breeders we visited had some kind of dog factory going on, and they always had a story as to why their parent dogs weren't on site, i definitely wanted to see what i was getting myself into considering the commitment that we were getting into, i STILL keep in touch with eric and talk about the dog! We are now consideration adding another pup to our family and will be back with eric, They are definitely TOP NOTCH!

 Hey Eric it's Gerry check out Luna she's getting big thank you once again for this amazing pup

 Chloey and her family !!