I have been taking care of the veterinary needs for Eric and "Top Notch Bulldogs" for more than five years.
I have found truly "Top Notch" dogs in that:
All dogs bred by "Top Notch" are well cared for, well bred, and free from any disease, either genetic or contagious.
Dr. Richard M. Novick, "Call Ahead Veterinary"


We wanted to thank you for our perfect and playful new puppy! Stella is adjusting to her new home nicely, and we absolutely love her. It's obvious that she has been well socialized as she's not startled by loud noises and loves to snuggle and play with new visitors. Our vet confirmed that she is in good health and has continued with the shots that you started. She makes us laugh constantly with her big ears and gentle personality. You were very helpful throughout this whole process, and we appreciate you answering all of our questions and sending us pictures of her as she got bigger. We're sure we'll be in touch in the future, but thank you again for everything.
Christine, Jordan & Stella

 Hey Eric,

Dojo, our newest member of the family is doing so great. He is very playful with our kids and he is just a joy to have around. Dojo has built an appetite, that little dog can eat! He gets so excited when he eats, his hind legs barely touch the ground when he's face first into the bowl. And when he's not eating,he's chillin' snuggling around our feet or wanting to be picked up to cuddle. I just wanted to thank you for such a cool pup. My family and I are very happy with him.


 We are so happy with our baby girl. Thank you Eric for everything... Rachel ray sends her love!!Merry Christmas from the Camacho family!!

We could not have asked for a more caring breeder than Eric with Top Notch Bulldogs. His help extended far past the purchase of our French bulldog, Murphy. He regularly checked in to make sure Murphy had a clean bill of health and even offered advice and tips whenever we had a problem.

Murphy has been a wonderful puppy, rarely misbehaving and always giving love. It’s clear that he was well taken care of in the early stages of his life and has a beautiful coat and build.

we researched other breeders and puppies for sale, and Top Notch’s prices were much more reasonable than any of the others we had seen. Living in Brooklyn, it’s also a great comfort knowing that our breeder is so close to us .

We would recommend Top Notch Bulldogs to anyone interested in finding a loving companion and friend.

Caleb & Rachel

 Dear Eric,

We are so happy with our French Bully Boris. Jackie and I have bought and met with several breeders over the years and our experience with you has been terrific. If there is anyone out there that is looking for either a French Bulldog or an English Bulldog, we would highly recommend you and Topnotch.


Jackie and Doug

 When I think of our recent experience with Top Notch Bulldogs the first word that comes to mind is AMAZING!

I searched for months, not for just a French Bulldog puppy, but rather for a breeder that was concerned with breeding to improve the breed as opposed to just a business. A breeder that clearly knew a tremendous amount about the breed and keeping it healthy. A breeder that makes sure the puppy is going to a qualified home and not just the first person to show up with money. I found all that and more at Top Notch Bulldogs!

I stumbled across the Top Notch Bulldog website several weeks ago. I was immediately impressed with the dogs and their easily accessible pedigrees. I soon spoke with Eric, and basically everything he promised about his puppies was clearly apparent upon our visit. The pups were all beautiful, each remarkably social and spotlessly clean. I met a few of his adults all friendly, and in good health, obviously well cared for.

Our little girl received a clean bill of health from our vet, who was impressed with her overall health, terrific conformation and lovely temperament.

I would highly recommend Top Notch Bulldogs to anyone looking for a bulldog puppy. They are truly a "top notch" breeder, that is honest and impressive!

Thank you to Eric and everyone at Top Notch Bulldogs, I couldn't be happier with my perfect little girl!



 Hey Eric here are some pictures of the Bobo pups that we kept also I included some pictures of there mother we appreciate everything you have done.

Thanks, Wayne 


Rico is named after you & his sire Nico. He is Awesome, smart , gorgeous,& fearless! He has fun playing but will take on any size, any number of his puppy pals in a game of tug of war..he often gets a reminder to behave but is a rowdy sort that enjoys pushing the older pups to distraction! His future mate, Suzu is opposite. She's so laid back she's almost timid. THANK YOU SOO MUCH for letting us have him on our family! He is so sweet yet has a whole lot of spunk. LOL, he definitely will not be ignored! He's all over the house & yard. He runs TO whatever has startled him just sounding the alarm for all to pay attention & see what he has found! It hasn't even been a week but he owns us, our hearts & all that surrounds him! He's here to stay..he's worth the challenges he gives us :-D

 Sincerely, Star

 My husband and I got Duke from Eric at Topnotch Bulldog and we're so happy with our puppy! Eric was really helpful with any questions that we had and kept us updated by sending us pictures of our little guy until he was old enough to go to come home with us. We would recommend him to everyone! Thanks again Eric!


Hey Eric I just wanted to say this boy off of Capone and Tula is turning out great. you were right on he is friendly towards everyone just wants to roll on his back and get his belly rubbed.


After countless months of researching on finding the perfect frenchie, I am beyond thankful that I found you, Eric! I can not thank you enough for being so kind and patient answering all my questions and concerns about Teddy.

Teddy brings so much joy into our household and She is like a celebrity! Everywhere I go, she gets mob by people. I am so lucky to be Teddy's mom!


We have recently get a Brindle Female French Bulldog from TopNotch and we are very happy. She is a AKC beauty.

Everything was done professionally
We are very satisfied!!

Attn: Oscar A. Pinilla and Wanda Weiss
owners of the Best Bullies Kennel

 Just wanted to let you know, we are loving our frenchie, Lily!!

Hey Eric just wanted to send you some pictures of the pups off of  BOBO and Chu Chu .

 We're great! She seems happy a million toys & everyone loves her. Working on the potty training & biting lol.

Her names chalupa now and shes awesome!

Very satisfied with the puppy Eric . Puppy is gorgeous and healthy. I will keep in contact with you to give updates! You was very helpful throughout this entire process.

Thanks again Zeke

 I want to thank Eric from topnotch bulldogs for taking care of my bulldog from getting my dog pregnant from his bulldog Bo- Bo and handling her c- section personally with a certified vet my bulldog had 5 boys and 3 girls and all of them and my bulldog are doing fine and are healthy......Wayne

Thank you so much you made me very happy! He is the best bulldog puppy ever ...you have been very helpful with everything !!! May God bless You.


Dear Eric,

We would like to thank you for our perfect girl, Brooklyn. She is so well
behaved and she gets compliments everywhere we go. We knew we wanted an
english bulldog but had trouble finding a breeder that we could afford.
You made our dream of getting a bulldog come true! When we are ready for
another we will definately be coming back to you! Thanks again,

Sarah, Kevin, and Brooklyn

 My name is STANLEY KERSEY I live in GARFIELD NJ I breed my female french bulldog to a TOPNOTCH BULLDOG named NICO that you can see on his web site and I was very happy with the litter. I have a male from that breeding he is a beautiful dog a good representation of the breed. I suggest anyone looking for a good quality healthy french bulldog talk to ERIC at TOPNOTCH BULLDOGS he is one of the good guys very informative about the breed and has the best quality french bulldogs in the USA and loves his frenchies when you purchase one of his french bulldogs you will be pleased and make a new friend because I have and that's the truth.

Dear Eric,
We just wanted to thank you for all of your heart-felt compassion and unsupassed attention to detail with our boy, Shogun. He has brought so much happiness into our home--we love him to bits and pieces. We realize that there have been times we have called you in a panic, even at odd hours of the night, and we want you to know that we appreciate your patience and assurance...we would really be lost with out you. Thanks again for everything and surely we will be seeing you soon.
Peter, Deborah and Shogun
Manhattan, NY

Dear Eric,

I just wanted to drop you a small not to keep you updated on the amazing French Bulldog that we purchased from you last year. Ruby is doing fantastic, she has a wonderful personality and is a real spit fire.

Ruby goes to the vets for her regular check up’s and in “their” opinion is an extremely healthy Frenchie with great bones and a very clear nasal passages. I can’t thank you enough for providing such a great breeding service. All your dogs are so happy and healthy and produce the same standard in your pup’s.

I would strongly recommend your service to ANYONE thinking about getting a Bulldog, as they will be assured to be getting a strong, healthy and happy puppy.

Sincerely yours,

Stephen P. Price

 wanted to say a special thanks for the puppy, we have now, named Mercedes. She is gorgeous little girl, with a nice personality.
I used to breed frenchies before, so I know how much time, patience and love each dog needs to be a healthy and beautiful.
We enjoy having Mercedes as a part of our family. Thank you so much .
Lana and family